AAE Annual Meeting | April 17-20, 2024
AAE Annual Meeting | April 17-20, 2024

Top Endodontic Products

Get ready to join a new fan club! These "product duets" each combine the powers of two great performers,
to give you unstoppable hit-makers that will elevate your endo performance.

Order by May 14, 2024!

You'll Love These Product Duets!

With it's high ultrasonic frequencies, and working in conjunction with our premium irrigants, EndoUltra is ready to make beautiful music that results in increased efficiency, effective canal penetration, and better acoustic streaming with cavitation - all leading to better clinical success.

Even though they are already stars performers - SmearOFF™ 2-in-1 and Chlor-XTRA™ are the perfect bandmates, helping EndoUltra® to REALLY make an impact in your endo protocols! Don't miss this beautiful duet!

The MST Tip Family won't waste your time (or money!) with gratuitous solo work - it loves to be combined with RE-GEN Bioactive EndoSealer™ (and any other expensive medicament), cuts up to 87% of the waste, and lets you feel confident to jam out, knowing you'll be efficient and effective with material use!

When MST Tips and RE-GEN™ Bioactive EndoSealer take the stage together, magic happens. Their seamless collaboration creates a symphony of precision and reliability, elevating your performance to new heights. Whether you're performing routine procedures or tackling complex cases, this dynamic duo ensures that you're always at the top of your game.

Dripless Syringes are WAY more than just a one-hit wonder - when combined with Voyager Irrigation Tips, these syringes prevent spillage - the common accidents that occur during root canal irrigation.

Whether you prefer Dual Side Ports or Blunt End tips, the Voyager Irrigating Tips provide the flexibility that you need to ensure safety and efficacy when using irrigants. Enoy the power ballad that these two products bring to the stage!

Featured Products

Buy one EndoUltra® Complete Kit (407702-2), get $75 off, PLUS get one 16oz bottle of SmearOFF™ (317111-2) and Chlor-XTRA™ (503800-2) FREE!

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20% Off Any 16oz Irrigant Bottle!

Choose from CHX-Plus™, CHX Restorative,
Chlor-XTRA™, EDTA, SmearOFF™ or
Sodium Hypochlorite (3% or 6%)!

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Buy one RE-GEN™ Bioactive EndoSealer (504753-2 or 504754-2), get one FREE!

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AAE Appli-Vac Special

Appli-Vac™ Tip Special Offer

20% Off Any Appli-Vac™ Family Tip!

Choose from Appli-Vac™ 1" Irrigating Tips,
Secure-Lock™ Appli-Vac™ 1" Irrigating Tips,
or Appli-Vac™ 3/4″ Bendable Applicator Tips!

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Buy one Stropko Irrigator (either size;
2": 315260-2, 3.5": 315265-2), get one
22ga Pre-Bent Tip 100/pk (315322-2) FREE!

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