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Dr. Michael Miyasaki

“In dentistry many of the materials we use often flow. Our adhesives flow, our hemostatic agents flow, our composites flow, our cements flow, but we often don’t give much consideration what they are flowing through, the delivery tips. But the proper selection of the tips we use, can significantly make our clinical dentistry less stressful, more effective and save us money."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation can be done safely drop-by-drop with small gauge needles (30ga or below), we recommend a closed-end side-port delivery tip or Vista-Probe style tip for safe, but effective irrigation.

Choose a tip with a padded-end; this allows for gentle pressure to be applied while scrubbing the hemostatic material into open capillaries without damaging the tissue. We recommend Stat-Flo tip.

Vista Apex’s MST (Material Saving Technology) tips allow for significantly less waste. These tips are designed to minimize the internal volume of the tip, significantly reducing waste.