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DesensiMAX (formerly BondSaver D) has been formulated to be used with total etch and selective etch adhesive systems along with the treatment of sensitivity resulting from exposed dentin (*).

Easy to apply, no drying, no rinsing, no scrubbing… simply apply and move on in your protocol. DesensiMAX belongs under every restoration placed.

*DesensiMAX has been evaluated by Dental Product Shopper and given a 4.6 Best Product Rating. Click here to read the product evaluation.

DesensiMAX has been formulated to provide these significant benefits

  • Eliminates sensitivity INSTANTLY
  • Rewets the tooth surface to provide optimal moisture levels for bonding
  • Disinfects with antimicrobial agents including Chlorhexidine
  • Provides fluoride at the restorative-tooth interface
  • Inhibits MMPs, giving you better bond longevity
    • The ONLY desensitizer that stop the generation of naturally occurring matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs) which may degrade bond strengths over time

(*) If using with a single bottle adhesive in strict self-etch mode (no etching) or with a resin modified glass ionomer, the BondSaver product should be used in place of DesensiMAX