Are you looking for learning opportunities and earning CE hours? Vista Dental is happy to provide a free on-demand webinar in which you can earn one interactive CEU credit presented by a leader in Endodontics. This event will explore the essential protocols with disinfection and activation techniques of liquids. Registration is free and only takes a few minutes.

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This webinar will take you on a journey to discover the intricate complexity of root canal system anatomy and how to best approach cleaning it with irrigation.
Learning objectives:
  • Discuss the anatomical complexities of root canal systems and the historical limitations of our clinical techniques to fully cleanse these convoluted spaces.
  • Describe the mechanism of action and clinical usage of the latest endodontic irrigation technologies: irrigation needle tips, ultrasonic activated irrigation.
  • Evaluate the literature-based evidence for the clinical efficacy of each irrigation method.
  • Discuss how each doctor can assess which irrigation technique and technology is most practical for their own practice setting.