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Rock Out with Visa Apex for 10 weeks
As we celebrate Dr. John Kanca's Legendary Dental Innovations!

To thank our loyal fans, we’re cranking up the savings with 10% off all products throughout the next 10 weeks. PLUS, every Tuesday, we’ll drop a special offer on one of our featured hits. Stay tuned and don’t miss a beat!

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Each week, we’ll spotlight a different Vista Apex Dental Product, showing why it’s a chart-topping hit in the world of dentistry!

and ALL codes will be valid though July 31, 2024*!

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Check Out This Week's Featured Product!
Anchor® Core Build-Up Luting Material!

Buy any 2 items from the Anchor® family, get 1 FREE
(free item is the lowest cost item) with code "anchor-kanca" at checkout!

Anchor® is an innovative core build-up material with dual-cure chemistry packaged in an automix cartridge or an automix push syringe!

Anchor Cartridge Kit

Offered in both tooth shade (A2) and opaque white. Anchor® has been designed to be thin enough for use as a luting material while having the strength and thixotropic characteristics required for core applications. Anchor® is a dual-cure material so you are assured the material will completely cure in any situation. Anchor® can be used as a core build-up material, cement for pins or posts and luting agent for crowns, veneers, etc. The chemistry is compatible with common composites, compomers and their bonding agents. Anchor® is extremely radiopaque and contains fluoride.

  • Easy to place
  • Incredibly easy to clean up
  • Bonds to tooth structure
  • Easily contoured and prepared immediately
  • High strength and modulus
  • Cutting resistance similar to tooth structure (carves like dentin)
  • Tooth shade under ceramic crowns and veneers
  • Compatible with all bonding systems
  • Fluoride releasing
  • Highly radiopaque
  • Dual-cure

Dr. Kanca's Greatest Dental Hits:


Week 2 - Starting 5/28
Surpass® Self-Etch Adhesive System
When used as a system, Surpass® is the Gold Standard in dental adhesion.

Use code surpass-kanca at checkout to get a FREE Titan A2 4pk with purchase of a Surpass® Starter or Refill Kit,
now thru 7/31!

Week 3 - Starting 6/4
Titan Flowable Composite

Titan was formulated to offer a unique combination of thickness and flow in the same material.

Buy 3 items from the Titan family, get 1 free (lowest priced item), plus get FREE 4pk of Velvet Etch™! Use code titan-kanca at checkout, now thru 7/31!

Week 4 - Starting 6/11
Anchor® Core
Build-Up Luting Material

Anchor® is an innovative core
build-up material with dual-cure chemistry.

Buy any 2 items from the Anchor® family, get 1 free (free item is the lowest priced item)! Use code anchor-kanca at checkout, now thru 7/31!


Week 5 - Starting 6/18
SUPERB Universal Adhesive 

SUPERB Universal Adhesive combines the etchant, primer and bonding resin into a single bottle.

Check back frequently! Details coming 6/18!

Week 6 - Starting 6/25
BondSaver Desensitizer

BondSaver desensitizes instantly and prevents bond degradation.

Check back frequently! Details coming 6/25!

Week 7 - Starting 7/2
Interface Ceramic Primer 

Interface prepares ceramics, dentin and enamel in one simple application step.

Check back frequently! Details coming 7/2!

Week 8 - Starting 7/9
Simplicity® Self-Etch Adhesive System

Simplicity® provides consistency, versatility, and speed in the same package.

Check back frequently! Details coming 7/9!


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