Meet Vista Apex – Ashleigh Stanford, Marketing & Business Development Director

Meet our adrenaline-loving Director of marketing and business development. She survived a Scuba Diving accident in the Galapagos Islands surrounded by hammerhead sharks with a bleeding head wound. Trust us, it’s a true story! Learn more about one of our favorite adventurers below!

Tell us about yourself and how you got here.

I started my dental career at Discus Dental in 2006, working my way up through Sales and Marketing and ultimately getting transferred to Australia in 2011. In 2013, Ultradent offered me a role in managing their International Business in Australia and ultimately Sub-Saharan Africa and Marketing in Southeast Asia. During that time I received my Masters in Management from Harvard (graduating in December 2018) and served as the President of the Australian Dental Industry Association NSW Branch. Never one to slow down, Vista Apex provided a unique and exciting opportunity. So, in August of 2020, I came aboard and have since moved to Milwaukee to be closer to the team.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

I work with a team that is incredibly innovative and willing to roll up their sleeves, but not afraid to have fun. This group is so talented and hard-working that it makes work fun. I think we all have a real sense of pride in our work, and genuinely care about outcomes at both a clinician and patient level. I sleep well at night knowing that our team does the right things for the right reasons.

What makes you Vista Apex

I generally have a can-do attitude and am not afraid to try new things. I don’t believe anything is impossible with the right team and resources. My hobbies reflect that, although I have certainly sustained some injuries along the way. Anyone who has known me for more than 12 months has seen me in some type of brace or surgical wrap. Every time I get knocked down, I will get back up and I think our team has that spirit of persistence. And most important, I have fun wherever possible… including work.