This limited manufacturer warranty from InterMed Inc. applies for all countries to the extent that no other warranty exists at that location. Pursuant to the following contractual provisions, InterMed guarantees material, construction and design to be free of deficiencies from the time of first purchase.
  1. This limited liability applies to the FIRST PURCHASER FOR BENEFICIAL USE of the product (Client). Legal claims by the Client or claims by the Client against the seller/dealer of the device are neither excluded nor limited.
  2. The standard limited warranty for the Product is:
    1. 36 months for the handpiece
    2. 12 months for the battery
    3. 12 months on charger base
    4. 90 days on all accessory items including, but not limited to: barrier sleeves and light shield
All warranties begin from the date of delivery to the Client. Proof of purchase invoice is required for any warranty claims. These warranties are non-transferable and shall only apply to the Client represented on the invoice.
  1. During the warranty period, defective product (according to unilateral decision by InterMed), will be repaired or replaced either by InterMed or an authorized distributor. Exchanged parts or accessory parts become the property of InterMed.
    Prior to returning product for repair, the Client should contact InterMed or its distributor to obtain shipping instructions and a Return Authorization Number. Product sent without a Return Authorization Number will not be accepted. For all product under warranty, InterMed will pay postage/freight to ship the product to the InterMed repair facility, as well as the postage/freight to ship the product back to the Client.
  2. There is no extended or renewed warranty period for repaired or replaced parts.
  3. This limited warranty does not apply to abnormal signs of use. In addition, this limited warranty does not apply if:
    1. The deficiency has been caused by misuse of the instructions for operation, inappropriate use, contact with fluids or moisture or extreme heat or climatic conditions and/or short term variations in relevant influences or to corrosion, oxidation, unauthorized intervention or attempts at connection, unauthorized opening or repair, repair attempts with unacceptable replacement parts, abnormal installation, accidents, forces majeure, spillage of food or drinks, chemical influences or other influences over which InterMed has no control, unless the deficiency is caused by a material, construction or fabrication error.
    2. The Client does not report the deficiency to InterMed or an authorized distributor within 30 days after it was discovered within the InterMed warranty period.
    3. The serial number has been removed, scratched off, crossed out, changed or is illegible.
    4. The deficiency was caused by the fact that the device was used with a part not approved for use by InterMed, was connected to such a part or was otherwise used inappropriately.
  4. This limited warranty is the only legal remedy of the Client against InterMed as well as InterMed’s only and exclusive liability to the Client for deficiencies and functional disruptions of the device. This limited warranty replaces all other warranties and declarations of liability, whether in written or oral form, or other (not urgently enforceable) legal provisions, contractual provisions or non-allowed negotiations. InterMed is in no way liable for ancillary, causal or collateral damage, costs or expenses.
  5. For assertion of a warranty claim, the original purchase receipt by the Client with purchase date is to be enclosed.
  6. Changes to this limited warranty require the previous written approval of InterMed.