Break the Cycle of Tooth Decay

Only a small number of patients brush and floss. The last thing Dentists want to see is Decay… really! To prevent decay, you must remove bacteria and reduce the acid that causes cavities through brushing, flossing, and diet. Often, this is near impossible with the fast pace of life. As a dentist, we know how the cycle works. You get a cavity and have to get a filling. With increased exposure to the acidic oral environment, that filling will fail and needs to be replaced. This happens again, as the tooth continues to be exposed to the acidic oral environment, ultimately resulting in a Crown. When the crown fails, the patient will be subjected to root canal treatment, and ultimately a dental implant. Costing patients time and money.

Dentists try to do everything they can to prevent decay from harming that weakened tooth. But now, your Dentist has access to materials that help the tooth heal and prevent tooth decay. Using RE-GEN can help your dentist Break the cycle of tooth decay.

Lifecycle of a Tooth Still

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RE-GEN Bioregenerative Suite of Products

The first of its kind, using Bioglass to help the tooth heal and protect itself from the Acidic Oral Environment.

What is Bioglass?

45S5, also known as Bioglass, was developed by Dr. Larry L. Hench after being challenged to develop a material that would provide for a more successful implant for soldiers injured in the Vietnam war. Hench quickly found a solution to the problem of adhesives being rejected by the human body. Bioglass proved to have applications far reaching. From treating hearing loss, to repairing bone, this innovation has helped countless individuals.

How Does It Work?

Bioglass 45S5 reacts with your own body to form some of the ingredients that make up bone structure.
This creates a self-healing loop.


Attribution: Steven AyotteJon Velez, CC BY-SA 3.0

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