Switch and Save Comparison Table

Use this tool to easily find the comparable Vista Dental brand product to Ultradent®* branded products.
CategoryUltradentVista Dental% Savings
Tips & SyringesEndo-Eze®3/4″ Appli-Vac™ Secure-Lock™ Bendable Irrigating TipsUp to 61%
HygieneUltraEz®Desensitizing GelUp to 59%
Tips & SyringesBlue Micro® or Black Micro® TipsPre-Bent TipsUp to 59%
UltrasonicUltrawave®Piezo Periodontal Tips – H SeriesUp to 50%
UltrasonicUltrawave®Piezo Periodontal Tips – PT SeriesUp to 50%
EndodonticChlorCid® NaOClSodium Hypochlorite 3% or 6%Up to 51%
Tips & SyringesEndo-Eze®Appli-Vac™ Irrigating TipsUp to 42%
RestorativeUltra-Etch®Best-Etch™Up to 41%
UltrasonicUltrawave®Piezo General Scaling TipsUp to 41%
EndodonticConsepsis®CHX-Plus™Up to 39%
RestorativePorcelain Etch/SilanePorcelain EtchUp to 36%
EquipmentValo®VALIANT® Multispectral Curing LightUp to 38%
Tips & SyringesSyringe CapsSyringe CapsUp to 34%
Endodontic2-Luer Vacuum AdapterMicro AspiratorsUp to 33%
Tissue ManagementAstringedent®Quick-Stat™ LiquidUp to 32%
Tissue ManagementViscoStat® ClearQuick-Stat™ FREEUp to 30%
Tissue ManagementViscoStat®Quick-Stat™ GelUp to 28%
Tissue ManagementUltrapak® E CordStat-Pak™ +E Braided Retraction CordUp to 26%
EndodonticEDTA 18%EDTA – 17% SolutionUp to 25%
Tips & SyringesNaviTip® TipsMST Visco-Tip™Up to 25%
RestorativeConsepsis®CHX RestorativeUp to 22%
Tips & SyringesCapillary TipsElasti-Vac™ TipUp to 21%
EndodonticUltraCal® XSVista-Cal™Up to 21%
HygieneOpalescence® WhiteningFluorescent™ Whitening Doctor’s KitUp to 20%
HygieneOpalDam®Liquid DamUp to 20%
Tissue ManagementUltrapak® PackersVista-Pak™ PackersUp to 20%
Endodontic Citric AcidCitric AcidUp to 17%
RestorativeSeek®/Sable™ Seek®Caries IndicatorUp to 16%
Tips & SyringesLuer Lock SyringesLuer Lock SyringesUp to 16%
Tips & SyringesWhite Mac™* and White Mini™* Laser TipsBlue-Flo™ TipsUp to 15%
HygieneOpalescence® WhiteningFluorescent™ Whitening Refill KitUp to 14%
Tissue ManagementUltrapak® CordStat-Pak™ Knitted Retraction CordUp to 14%
Tips & SyringesNaviTip® TipsFlexi-Glide™ Utility TipUp to 13%
HygieneOpalescence® WhiteningFluorescent™ EXpress WhiteUp to 11%
Tips & SyringesBlack Mini® Brush TipsExacta-Flo™ Brush TipUp to 8%
Tissue ManagementViscoStat®Quick-Stat™ Bulk Complete KitUp to 5%
Tips & SyringesBlack Mini® TipsVolu-Flo™ TipsUp to 5%
Tissue ManagementViscoStat®Quick-Stat™ Bulk Basic Kit
Tips & SyringesMetal Dento-Infusor® TipsStat-Flo™ Tip
Tips & SyringesInspiral® Brush TipsSpira-Flo™ Brush Tip