Vista Apex has a solution for every type of bleeder.


Dr. Joshua Austin

"I do a good amount of anterior dentistry...both direct and indirect. There is nothing that stresses me out more than either delivering veneers or doing direct composite bonding to multiple anterior teeth. Tissue management in these cases is vital and sometimes quite difficult. I know I can count on Quick-Stat FREE to help me gain hemostasis without leaving debris and stain. It is easy to place and manipulate and easy to rinse away. It's the whole package and for a lot less than the other guys. Quick-Stat FREE is a home run!"

Dr. Chad Duplantis

"Quick-Stat FREE is the perfect addition to my armamentarium for the dreaded 'bleeder' upon both direct and indirect dentistry. This product works quickly, rinses off with ease, and doesn't leave residues that could potentially affect impressioning or bond strengths. This is a 'must have' product."

Dr. Michael Miyasaki

“Quick-Stat Gel is an essential product in my practice for hemostasis. Even in the worst conditions, Quick-Stat Gel enables me to control bleeding so I can take clean, dry, and accurate impressions on the first try. This product works quickly in my experience, and allows me to easily place my retraction cord. I love it, and my lab loves appreciates the quality impressions."

Dr. John Flucke

“Whether you are using digital impression systems or still using analog, contamination can play a huge part in the success or failure of your restorations. When you want to stop bleeding NOW, reach for Quick-Stat Liquid. It's one of those products that give you peace of mind because it works every time. When I need to get control of an area where bleeding is a problem, I ask my assistant, "Have you got the Quick-Stat handy?" I use it because it works."


Step 1:

Scrub the hemostatic agent firmly against the sulcus until bleeding is controlled.

Step 2:

A tip with a padded end allows for gentle pressure to be applied, allowing hemostatic agent to penetrate cut capillaries.

Step 3:

Use air/water to remove coagulum. If bleeding persists, repeat application.

Step 4:

Once complete hemostasis has been achieved, use Stat-Pak retraction cord for tissue displacement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

When new coagulum ceases to form, hemostasis has been achieved. After Stat-Flo™ tip has effectively scrubbed the hemostatic agent into the cut capillaries, bleeding will stop. Test the preparation with air/water, if bleeding persists apply additional hemostatic agent and test the preparation again. If no bleeding occurs after testing with air/water, hemostasis has been achieved.

No, ferric sulfate solutions will react with epinephrine and form a blue/black precipitate. We recommend using a product like Quick-Stat™ FREE in this instance.

Our hemostatic solutions are capable of achieving hemostasis in seconds. However, this is partially dependent on the patient’s periodontal and systemic health.

The 20% ferric sulfate Quick-Stat Gel™ features the fastest onset time. However, Quick-Stat™ FREE provides the fastest hemostatic action when compared to other clear alternatives, approaching the speed of the ferric sulfate solutions.

Yes, Quick-Stat™ FREE features powerful Astringent Hybrid technology, which allows it to work rapidly in areas both inside and outside of the esthetic zone.

Yes, we recommend soaking cord in Quick-Stat Liquid™.