Ceramic Etch and Silane in One

Interface is the only material that allows a doctor to prepare ceramics, dentin and enamel in one simple application step. Interface achieves this without the use of hydrofluoric acid. Interface eliminates the guesswork associated with deciding whether to first etch exposed tooth structure or the ceramic material. Why decide when you can simply use InterfaceInterface eliminates the worry over whether your silane is fresh. It is at its maximum potency when it is applied.

  • Prepares ceramics, enamel and dentin in one application
  • Eliminates hydrofluoric acid
  • Eliminates the hydrofluoric/phosphoric acid dilemma
  • Always fresh

Interface is a two-bottle system that is mixed prior to use. This guarantees your material is fresh and functional for each and every use.

This material has been evaluated in every way imaginable:

  • All porcelain repairs
  • Ceramic / enamel repairs
  • Ceramic / enamel / dentin repairs
  • CEREC® cementation
  • Anywhere silanes are used today