Our Story

Here at Vista Apex, we help dental clinicians to increase successful patient outcomes, by providing technologically advanced dental products at accessible price points for everyone. We don’t just think of our service areas in terms of profitability, we see our relationships with each of you as a shared experience, which we are invested in wholly for the lifetime of your practice. We live by the slogan of “products by clinicians, for clinicians, to achieve better patient outcomes,” and we are inspired to continue to raise the bar for every product we develop. Our shared successes energize our team to be your trusted Endo Resto provider!


From solutions (Chlor-XTRA™, Smear-OFF™), to tips (Appli-Vac™, Vista-Probe™, MST Visco-Tips™), to small equipment (EndoUltra®) – our number one focus is to help improve outcomes and enhance quality dentistry. We want to match your energy and passion for success by continuing to commit ourselves to developing innovative, dependable solutions for the dental challenges your patients face. Practitioners have trusted us to lead the way for their Endo Solutions for 25+ years, and we want to continue to raise the bar amongst our competitors.


Our innovation in Resto is second-to-none. We have several market-leading products, and we are continuing our commitment to improve clinical results for you AND your patients. The RE-GEN™ family of products – which is the first product to deliver bioactivity right where it’s needed, within the tooth structure – helps to stop recurrent decay. Seamfree Composite Wetting Resin & Lubricant helps make composites easier to use, giving you a quicker, more dependable solution during restorative care. PinkWave™ QuadWave™ LED Curing Light is the first and only QuadWave curing light on the market and has unmatched depth of cure for your composite material.

Our deep clinician involvement in the Resto marketplace ensures that we will always have cutting edge products that meet – and exceed – your needs.


Great products are essential for long-term success, but our team is what sets us apart. We won’t just say R&D is in our DNA, we can show you with continuous innovation and a track record of award-winning excellence, and over 80 patents (with several more pending). Everywhere within our company, from the CEO to the production floor, you will find a company culture built toward attention to detail, with the unified goal of improving patient outcomes and advancing dentistry. We continue to re-invest our successes into improving our product offerings, developing new solutions, and keeping all of our products at accessible price points, so we can all share in our combined achievements. We are honored to get the opportunity to take dentistry forward together with you!