Dental Equipment

PinkWave™ LED Curing Light

PinkWave™ was designed to enhance the efficacy of curing procedures. PinkWave™ is equipped with our patented QuadWave™ Technology. Four different wavelengths provide peak performance. Blue, red, near-infrared (NIR) and UV light, work together to make up the only pink light on the market.

EndoUltra® Ultrasonic Activator

EndoUltra® by Vista Apex harnesses ultrasonic technology in a compact, easy-to-use and cordless handheld device! EndoUltra® is the only cordless activator unit capable of generating the tip frequency (40,000 Hz) required to create sufficient acoustical streaming and the cavitation necessary to effectively clean, penetrate and remove vapor lock.

Phasor™ Composite Warming Gun

The Phasor™ Composite Warming Gun uses near-infrared technology to rapidly warm composite compules. Warming composite significantly lowers the viscosity of the material, resulting in better adaptation, reduced voids, microleakage and improved depth of cure.

The IMPACT AIR 45® has a unique 45° angled head, allowing for maximum access and visibility. It is available with fiberoptics, is fully autoclavable, has an office-replaceable turbine (minimizing downtime) and uses standard friction grip burs (featuring a push-button bur release).

Vista Apex offers Highspeed Handpieces and a variety of IMPACT AIR 45® product accessories, and we are the only authorized repair facility for the IMPACT AIR 45®.

Other Small Equipment

Whether you specialize in Endo or Resto, we have several other helpful pieces of equipment that can increase efficiency in YOUR office! Check them out below!