Endodontic and Irrigation Dental Tips

Irrigation and syringe tips are essential tools for delivering medicaments and solutions to the proper areas during endodontic procedures. These tips are designed to help dental professionals effectively irrigate and clean the root canal system, ensuring the success of the procedure and the health of the tooth. We offer a wide range of irrigation and syringe tips, including slotted and side-vented options for safe and precise delivery of solutions. Our tips also feature luer lock hubs for secure attachment and safety.

In addition to our standard irrigation and syringe tips, we also offer bendable and flexible disposable options for added convenience and ease of use. For the ultimate in endodontic irrigation, be sure to check out our NiTi SuperFlex™ tips. These premium quality tips are made from a flexible and durable nickel-titanium alloy, making them fully autoclavable for repeated use. They are also specially designed to reach even the most challenging areas of the root canal system, ensuring thorough cleaning and medicament delivery.

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