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Endodontic Equipment & Supplies

From solutions, to tips, to small equipment, our number one focus is to help improve outcomes and enhance quality dentistry. We want to match your energy and passion for success by continuing to commit ourselves to developing innovative, dependable solutions for the dental challenges your patients face. Practitioners have trusted us to lead the way for their Endo Solutions for 25+ years, and we want to continue to raise the bar amongst our competitors.

Restorative Dental Materials & Equipment

Our innovation in Resto is second-to-none. We have several market-leading products, and we are continuing our commitment to improve clinical results for you AND your patients. Our deep clinician involvement in the Resto marketplace ensures that we will always have cutting edge products that meet – and exceed – your needs.

Dental Tips & Syringes

Dental syringes are some of the most common pieces of equipment used by dental professionals in a wide range of dental procedures, and at Vista Apex, we offer complete syringes, dental syringe tips (including bendable tips, dripless tips, brush tips, and more), and accessories like tip covers.

Small Dental Equipment & Accessories

Vista Apex provides innovation in the small equipment space. We hold multiple patents and make it our mission to simplify Clinician's lives,
while developing the tools necessary for better patient outcomes.

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Product Review

Registered Dental Hygienist, dental educator and industry influencer Irene Iancu reviews the  PinkWave™ Quadwave™ Curing Light.

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Product Education

In the latest entry of our How It's Solved Video Series, we cover the EndoUltra® Cordless Ultrasonic Activator.

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Dr. Brett Gilbert Reviews the IMPACT AIR 45® Highspeed Handpiece and select accessories.

Featured Products

PinkWave™ QuadWave™ LED Curing Light

PinkWave™ is the next generation of curing lights, equipped with patented QuadWave™ Technology, offering decreased composite shrinkage and increased depth of cure. With the largest curing light area on the market, PinkWave™ ensures maximum coverage.

EndoUltra® Cordless Ultrasonic Activator

EndoUltra® harnesses ultrasonic technology in a compact, easy-to-use and cordless handheld device! It is the only cordless activator unit capable of generating the tip frequency (40,000 Hz) required to create sufficient acoustical streaming and the cavitation necessary to effectively clean, penetrate and remove vapor lock.

Phasor™ Composite Warming Gun

Phasor™ Composite Warmer uses near-infrared technology to rapidly warm composite compules. Warming composite significantly lowers the viscosity of the material, resulting in better adaptation, reduced voids, microleakage and improved depth of cure. Materials remain highly sculptable, non-sticky, and easily shaped during manipulation.

IMPACT AIR 45® Highspeed Handpieces

IMPACT AIR 45® Highspeed Handpieces are specifically engineered for surgical procedures, third molar extractions, Apicoectomy (root canal drainage), Osteoplasty (bony contouring), Odontoplasty and Root Resection. With it’s has a unique 45° angled head, these handpieces allow for maximum access and visibility.

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