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NOUN - an innovation leader, bringing an edge to endodontic and restorative solutions.
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Clinician Involvement

Partnering with Clinicians is at the forefront of the Vista Apex Innovation strategy.


Operational Excellence

Our relentless pursuit of Operational Excellence positions Vista Apex to harness the power of agile product development and ensure optimal quality standards.


Industry Expertise

Backed by over a century of combined success in the Dental Industry, our team is poised to understand your needs as they evolve.



From product design to distribution, quality engineering is at the core of our business. Our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to constant improvement create an envi­ronment for superior results.

The Science of Curiosity: Developing PinkWave™


PinkWave is a new and fun way to cure. It is equipped with QuadWave™ technology and features a built-in transilluminator. PinkWave has quickly become a fan favorite and the first of its kind. Birthed from curiosity, PinkWave was the brainchild of Brett Arand, Alex Johnson, and John Baeten, much like that of their near-infrared (NIR)…



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