Flowable Composites

Flowable composites are a type of dental filling material that are used to repair and restore teeth that have been damaged by decay, fractures, or wear. They are called “flowable” because they have a consistency that is similar to a liquid, allowing them to flow and adapt to the shape of the tooth being repaired. Flowable composites are commonly used in small to medium-sized restorations, such as filling in cavities or repairing chips in teeth.

Our revolutionary RE-GEN™ Flowable Composite utilizes Bioglass to promote the regeneration of hydroxyapatite and provides antimicrobial function to prevent recurrent caries and secondary decay. These features improve the longevity and overall performance of the restoration.

Titan Flowable Composite TITAN is a light cured (free radical polymerization), flowable composite material, designed for use as a filling material for small restorations, a sealant material for occlusal surfaces, or a lining material in the base of large restorations.

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