Micro Aspirator Equipment

Enhance Dental Procedures with Vista Apex Micro Aspirators

Discover the specialized world of Micro Aspirator Equipment at Vista Apex, specifically designed for fast and efficient micro-aspiration in dental care. These aspirators are an innovation in dental evacuation, offering precision and ease in procedures where detailed suction is crucial.

Advanced Micro-Aspiration Technology

Our micro aspirators are crafted to provide targeted suction, effectively eliminating the need for paper points in endodontic and other delicate procedures. This advancement not only streamlines the process but also enhances the overall patient experience.

Key Features of Our Micro Aspirators

Pre-Tipped Style: Equipped with 3/4″ bendable tips available in 18, 20, or 25ga, our pre-tipped micro aspirators offer unparalleled flexibility and precision, making them ideal for specific dental applications.
Autoclavable Variants: For versatility and hygiene, our autoclavable micro aspirators can be used with both high- and low-speed valve fitments, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of dental equipment​​.

Designed to provide fast and efficient micro-aspiration

• Virtually eliminates the need for paper points
• Pre-tipped style comes with 3/4″ bendable tips (18, 20 or 25ga)
• Autoclavable style can be used with both universal high- or low-speed valve fitments

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