Simplicity® Self-Etch Adhesive System


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"This system is truly what its name implies - Simplicity. I have enjoyed the no-nonsense application, speed of the process, and not least the end result. I am routinely coating all of my preps with this after cord packing (be sure to make the temp outside the mouth) and the lack of sensitivity is truly remarkable. The interface of the composite on posteriors is exquisite. The desensitization of entire quadrants of perio exposed roots has never been so easy. John, you've done it again. Incredible!"

"I finally have a single no-sensitivity self-etching bonding agent that gives me very thin film-thickness and that will bond enamel and dentin to any cure-type of composite: all without sacrificing bond-strength!"

"Thank you for letting me try 'Simplicity'. It is truly 'simple' and easy to use. We had no post-op sensitivity and I like that one bonding agent works with any resin. A GREAT product."