Quick-Stat™ Gel – Ferric Sulfate Hemostatic Gel


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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

SDS versions for the EU are available from your EU based distributor, or can be provided by Vista Apex upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions

When new coagulum ceases to form, hemostasis has been achieved. After Stat-Flo™ tip has effectively scrubbed the hemostatic agent into the cut capillaries, bleeding will stop. Test the preparation with air/water, if bleeding persists apply additional hemostatic agent and test the preparation again. If no bleeding occurs after testing with air/water, hemostasis has been achieved.

No, ferric sulfate solutions will react with epinephrine and form a blue/black precipitate. We recommend using a product like Quick-Stat FREE in this instance.

Our hemostatic solutions are capable of achieving hemostasis in seconds. However, this is partially dependent on the patient’s periodontal and systemic health.

The 20% ferric sulfate Quick-Stat Gel features the fastest onset time. However, Quick-Stat FREE provides the fastest hemostatic action when compared to other clear alternatives, approaching the speed of the ferric sulfate solutions.