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Step 1:

Step 1 Quick-Stat

Scrub the hemostatic agent firmly against the sulcus until bleeding is controlled.

Step 2:

Step 2 Quick-Stat

A tip with a padded end allows for gentle pressure to be applied, allowing hemostatic agent to penetrate cut capillaries.

Step 3:

Step 3 Quick-Stat

Use air/water to remove coagulum. If bleeding persists, repeat application.

Step 4:

Step 4 Quick-Stat

Once complete hemostasis
has been achieved, use
Stat-Pak™ retraction cord for
tissue displacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know that I have achieved adequate hemostasis?

When new coagulum ceases to form, hemostasis has been achieved. After Stat-Flo™ tip has effectively scrubbed the hemostatic agent into the cut capillaries, bleeding will stop. Test the preparation with air/water, if bleeding persists apply additional hemostatic agent and test the preparation again. If no bleeding occurs after testing with air/water, hemostasis has been achieved.

Can ferric sulfate solutions be used in the presence of epinephrine?

No, ferric sulfate solutions will react with epinephrine and form a blue/black precipitate. We recommend using a product like Quick-Stat™ FREE in this instance.

How quickly should I expect hemostasis to occur?

Our hemostatic solutions are capable of achieving hemostasis in seconds. However, this is partially dependent on the patient’s periodontal and systemic health.

Is Quick-Stat™ Gel more powerful than Quick-Stat™ FREE?

The 20% ferric sulfate Quick-Stat Gel™ features the fastest onset time. However, Quick-Stat™ FREE provides the fastest hemostatic action when compared to other clear alternatives, approaching the speed of the ferric sulfate solutions.

Can Quick-Stat™ FREE be used for all tissue management needs?

Yes, Quick-Stat™ FREE features powerful Astringent Hybrid technology, which allows it to work rapidly in areas both inside and outside of the esthetic zone.

Can Vista-Pak™ retraction cord be soaked in Quick-Stat™ Liquid?

Yes, we recommend soaking cord in Quick-Stat Liquid™.


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