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Get To Know the People Behind
the Products At Vista Apex

Behind every innovation, behind every solution, behind every product is a person that makes it possible. From the visionaries in our leadership team to the skilled professionals on the front lines of innovation, this series offers a glimpse into what makes Vista Apex so special. We invite you to watch the videos below to learn more about each of our teams, and the extremely talented individuals who make our company successful.

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Meet Our Teams:

Meet Our Executive Team

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Conductors of Innovation

At the forefront of the dental product industry, our executive product innovators play a pivotal role in driving advancements and reshaping the landscape of oral healthcare. These visionaries lead Vista Apex in developing cutting-edge solutions that cater to the evolving needs of dental professionals and patients alike. With a keen eye for technological trends and a commitment to improving oral health outcomes, these executives navigate the intersection of science and commerce to bring innovative dental products to market. Our executives seize opportunities for innovation, and collaborate seamlessly with research and development teams. By staying ahead of the curve, our team of leaders contribute significantly to the growth and success of Vista Apex and transform the way oral care is delivered and experienced worldwide. 

Scott Lamerand, CEO

Scott Lamerand, CEO

Dr. Michael Miyasaki, CDO

Dr. Michael Miyasaki, CDO

Meet Our Engineering Team

Engineering Success

On the frontline of innovation in dental care, our engineering team at Vista Apex is a dynamic group of skilled professionals dedicated to pushing the boundaries of oral health technology. Our team collaborates seamlessly to design and develop cutting-edge dental products that enhance patient outcomes and redefine industry standards. Whether it's creating advanced restorative & endodontic dental materials, dental tips & syringes, or state-of-the-art small dental equipment & accessories, our engineers blend creativity with precision to address the needs of dental professionals and elevate the patient experience. Our engineering team is committed to staying ahead of the latest advancements in dental science and technology, ensuring that our products exceed the evolving expectations of the dental community. Through their passion for innovation and commitment to excellence, our engineering team plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of oral healthcare.

Alex Johnson, Director of Engineering

Alex Johnson, Director of Engineering,

Brett Arand

Brett Arand,
Sr. Product Development Manager

Khongchee Xiong

Khongchee Xiong,
Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

Ashir Mahendra


Project Engineer

Dominic Egizi

Dominic Egizi,
Manufacturing Engineer

Allyson Doll

Allyson Doll,
Product Development Engineer

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My favorite part of this job is working with so many hard-working, talented individuals.
I truly believe we have a unique team and opportunity to do something special
for the dental industry and patients worldwide.


I love working at a small company where you wear many hats, no day is ever the same, and it’s always fast-paced and exciting.


Every day is different and we often encounter new challenges that require us
to be innovative. Not only do I enjoy the work that I do, but I also enjoy
learning how my work impacts our stakeholders.


Making connections with our customers’ fuels my day! Whether it’s over the phone
or in person, I love being able to talk about dentistry. No two conversations
are the same, even if the answer is.



Meet Our Sales Team

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Persistence For Assistance

Our sales team at Vista Apex is a spirited and highly motivated group dedicated to promoting and distributing cutting-edge dental care solutions. These sales professionals are passionate about improving dental health worldwide. Armed with in-depth knowledge of our innovative products, they engage with dental professionals, clinics, and distributors to showcase the benefits of our dental products. Collaborative and client-focused, our sales team ensures that our product portfolio remains at the forefront of oral healthcare. With a commitment to customer satisfaction, the sales team consistently goes above and beyond to build lasting relationships, making them an integral part of our company's success in delivering quality dental solutions.

Leika Bishop

Leika Bishop, Director of Commercial Alignment

Mandy Williams

Mandy Williams, VP of North American Sales

Roxanne Kish

Roxanne Kish, Inside Sales/ Customer Support Supervisor

Stacy Lamb

Stacy Phillips, Customer Care Specialist

Meet Our Marketing Team

Giving the Products a Voice

The dynamic marketing team at Vista Apex is the driving force behind the brand and advertisement of the company. Consisting of talented individuals with diverse skills, the team collaboratively strategizes and executes comprehensive marketing campaigns to promote our cutting-edge dental products. Their deep understanding of the dental industry allows them to address the specific needs and preferences of dental professionals. Through a combination of targeted digital marketing, engaging educational materials, and an energetic social media presence, our team ensures that our products gain widespread recognition within the dental community. With a passion for our brand and a commitment to excellence, our marketing team plays a vital role in facilitating the adoption of our products, and ultimately contributing to improved patient care.

Amy Paulsen

Amy Paulsen, Marketing Manager

Bailey Balentyne

Bailey Balentyne,
Creative Services Manager, Design

Michael Steinke

Mike Steinke, Senior Graphic Designer

Zach Hand

Zach Hand,
Marketing Communications Manager

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Meet Our Production Team

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Shipping Smiles

In the bustling environment of a production floor, our dedicated team works together to ensure a seamless operation of the manufacturing processes. Comprising skilled individuals from diverse backgrounds, our production team brings together a rich tapestry of expertise, including machine operators, technicians, quality control inspectors, and logistics coordinators. Their efforts are essential in maintaining efficiency, meeting production targets, and upholding Vista Apex quality standards. The camaraderie among our team members provides a positive work culture, where mutual support and shared goals drive the pursuit of excellence.

Alex Holat

Alex Holat, Operations Manager

Devin Conrad

Devin Conrad, Materials Control Specialist


I really appreciate the close knit atmosphere this team brings.


Our Shipping Team puts a lot of care into making sure customers receive their products on-time and damage-free. We like to make sure that we keep our customers happy.


It's great to work in a place where everyone is so determined and so supportive with each other, and will go above and beyond to get the job done.