ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser

Post Try-In Universal Cleanser

ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser is an aqueous-based universal cleanser suitable for non-abrasive cleaning of the intaglio surface of prosthetic restorations after intraoral try-in.

  • No shaking required!
  • Superior removal of contaminants
  • Can be used with ALL dental restorative materials
  • Orange colorant provides an excellent contrast to ensure complete coverage
  • Optimized viscosity for easy handling and application
ZR-C Comparison

Utilizing a binding agent to draw the phosphates from the contaminated surface, ZR-C™ removes significantly more phosphate contamination from zirconia surfaces than Ivoclean™*. Once rinsed, it leaves a pristine surface for bonding or cementation. Cleaner is always better.

*Ivoclean™ is a registered trademark of Ivoclar.

Clinical Research

How do we know it is effective at cleaning?

Utilizing X-ray photoelectron spectrophotometry (XPS), an external lab evaluated the surface contamination levels of three zirconia specimen:

  • Control: Contaminated zirconia with phosphates (PO4). Rinse with water and dried prior to analysis.
  • Ivoclean®: Contaminated zirconia cleansed with Ivoclean™ prior to analysis.
  • Universal Cleanser: Contaminated zirconia cleansed with ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser prior to analysis.

As can be seen in the chart below, ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser completely removes all contaminants from the surface while Ivoclean™ only removes 22% of the contaminants.

Phosphate Contamination on Zirconia vs Cleanser
XPS photo

X-ray photoelectron spectrophotometry (XPS), shown above, was used to test phosphate contamination on zirconia vs IvoClean® and ZR-C™ Universal Cleanser.

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