4 Easy Ways to Stay In The Game & Make Millions

I know too many colleagues who have had their productive careers cut short due to injury caused by their work. We know it. Dentistry is tough on the body.

We sit, we strain, and we place the stress from working with patients and managing our businesses within our bodies. Dental professionals have some of the highest incidences of musculoskeletal disorders of any profession. So this is a glaring example that health is wealth.

If we don’t take care of our bodies and our careers are shortened, it can cost us literally millions in lost revenue. So there are small things we can do to prolong our illustrious careers.

Eat well, and stay hydrated.

All this seems like common sense, but we all know we don’t eat well (when did you last finish a whole bowl of veggies) or drink well (not talking about Starbucks or alcoholic favorites, but reasonable amounts of bland body healing water).

Get enough sleep.

This is when the body repairs, and now we hear about coronasomnia. Avoid the sugary desserts, the caffeine, and nightcap alcohol drink right before you go to sleep. Just grab the security blanket and sleep in a cool, dark room, and allow yourself to enjoy this time.

Get Active.

Go exercise to stretch and strengthen the body. This is also a great reliever of stress. When was the last time you put your sweats on? Give yourself 30-minutes of moving time listening to something motivational, one of the best uses of Bluetooth earphones.

Get The Right Equipment.

And, professionally, purchase equipment that encourages less stress and strain on your body.

An example of this is the PinkWave™ curing light from Vista Apex. It’s shaped like a wand and with one button activation on both sides of the light’s body, meaning minimal adjustments have to be made in hand positioning. It is light which decreases shoulder, arm, and wrist strain, but this lack of weight doesn’t mean there is any compromise in performance. Being the only QuadWave™ curing light on the market today, we get deeper and faster curing. Additionally, with one of the largest curing areas, you can cure in less time and relax (feel those trapezius muscles release), knowing you have completely cured your composite with less polymerization shrinkage stress because of the near-infrared technology.

Enjoy a healthy life and proactively take the steps needed to stay healthy!

– Dr. Michael Miyasaki