Dr. Miyasaki’s Favorite Things 2020!

10 products Dr. Michael Miyasaki loves, and knows you will too!

I’m Dr. Michael Miyasaki, Chief Dental Officer at Vista Apex Dental Materials. We are a multinational company and acknowledge that those who see this represent many cultures and follow different customs and family traditions during the Holidays. We also recognize the commonalities. We have families and we are involved in promoting dental health across the world!

During this holiday season, let’s give each other the gifts of respect and understanding and make the world better with peace back standing, love, and compassion to each other. At Vista Apex we care about you and we wish our global family a safe, healthy, and happy holiday. Thank you. 

Digital Camera

To document, share and educate our patients, evaluate ourselves and share with our colleagues. Photos build value for our patients and help me communicate the results we see with the laboratory. 


For same day dentistry and intra-oral scanning. Patients want technology, and they want to reduce the number of appointments needed to get their restorative work done. Plus, no one misses gagging on the goo!

Galileos CBCT

Gives us superhuman power to see in 3-D what is happening in the head and neck of our patients. The CBCT is invaluable in helping with endo, airway and implants.

EyeZoom™ Loupes

To see better, which allows for better diagnosis and treatment.

Quick-Stat™ FREE 

To get better impressions and place better restorations, by controlling the fluid arising from the sulcus and injured tissue. I think it works as well as the iron based formulations, without the tissue staining.

RE-GEN™ Universal

To help the tooth heal through bioactivity, and prevent marginal leakage over time.

Therma-Flo™ Composite Warmer

To help me place composite easier and then manipulate it, not to mention, heating actually improves the physical properties of the material.

Gemini™ Laser

Removing gingiva, bone or tooth is so much easier and precise when you use a laser, and the patient wins with a better end result.

PinkWave Curing Light

Many features such as curing AND transillumination in a highly functional and light-curing light. Plus, the near-infrared wavelength may also be helpful in photobiomodulation.

Seam Free Composite Wetting Resin & Lubricant

In conjunction with the composite heater this makes the spreading and contouring of composite amazingly easier. If you don’t have a composite warmer, Seam Free is a must, as it also cuts the amount of time needed to polish.