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How It's Solved Video Series

Throughout the rest of 2023 (and beyond), we will be posting short videos explaining how certain product or procedure challenges are solved by our various teams at Vista Apex. Please bookmark this page and check back frequently to get a deeper understanding of how we've solved some of your toughest challenges.

Want to request a topic?  We always like to get clinicians' input on what topics to focus on next. Please submit your request below, and maybe your idea could be featured in our next episode!

Episode 2: RE-GEN™ Bioactive EndoSealer

Publish Date: 2023-07-11

In our next episode, learn more about the newest addition to our RE-GEN™ product family, the RE-GEN™ Bioactive EndoSealer! Give your patients great sealing  plus healing for their upcoming root canal procedures.

Episode 1: PinkWave™ LED Curing Light

Publish Date: 2023-06-16

In our first episode, learn more about the PinkWave™ QuadWave™ LED Curing Light! Be sure to also explore the buttons below for more information.

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