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Vista-Probe™ 1" Irrigation Tip
Designed to get your
endodontic solutions home safe, Vista-Probe’s closed-end with side-port reduces apical pressure.

A perfect match for
Sodium Hypochlorite!

Sodium Hypochlorite
You'll be "rooting" for this knight-in-shining-armor irrigant to clean up root canals during and after instrumentation.

A perfect match for
Vista-Probe™ 1" Irrigation Tips!

MST Visco-Tip™
Stainless Steel

Honest, dependable and straight to the point, designed to save up to 87% material waste (and time).

A perfect match for RE-GEN™ Bioactive EndoSealer!

Bioactive EndoSealer

An attractive and intelligent partner that knows what she wants, and will set her course in under 1 hour.

A perfect match for
MST Visco-Tip™ Stainless Steel!

Voyager Irrigating Tips
This tip will go to any length to deliver whatever is needed at all canal depths in it's relationship! Always up for any adventure!

A perfect match for
EDTA 17% Solution!

EDTA 17% Solution
This premium irrigant opens hearts and opens dental tubules, to help clear out smear layer and mud from past bad relationships.

The perfect match for
Voyager Irrigating Tips!

Stat-Flo™ Hemostatic
Brush Tips

Designed for delivery of hemostatic agents, this tip's gentle side scrubs materials into cut capillaries to stop bleeding.

A perfect match for
Quick-Stat™ FREE!

Quick-Stat™ FREE
Clear Hemostatic Gel

This clear hemostatic agent is stronger, faster, and better looking than the competition.

The choice is clear, a perfect match for Stat-Flo™ Brush Tips.

Dr. Michael Miyasaki

"In dentistry many of the materials we use often flow. Our adhesives flow, our hemostatic agents flow, our composites flow, our cements flow, but we often don’t give much consideration what they are flowing through, the delivery tips. But the proper selection of the tips we use can significantly make our clinical dentistry less stressful, more effective and save us money."


Vista-Probe™ 1" Bendable Irrigating Tips

Available in 23ga, 27ga and 30ga; 20ct or 100ct for each

6% Sodium Hypochlorite

Available in 16oz bottle, and
3mL or 12mL Prefilled Syringes (3% also available)

MST Visco-Tips™ Stainless Steel

NEW! 17mm or 22mm Lengths; Bendable

RE-GEN™ Bioactive EndoSealer

Introducing our new rockstar endodontic sealer!

Voyager Irrigating Tips

27ga, 29ga, 30ga and 31ga Dual Side Port (select gauges also available in blunt cut)

EDTA 17% Solution

Available in 16oz bottle,
4oz bottle, 30mL Bulk Syringe and 0.6mL Unit Dose 20/pk

Stat-Flo™ Hemostatic Brush Tips

Available in 20/cup,
100/cup and 500/bag

Quick-Stat™ FREE
Clear Hemostatic Gel

Available in 1.2mL Prefilled Syringe 4/pk, 40/pk,
or 30mL Bulk Syringe

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Frequently Asked Questions

Irrigation can be done safely drop-by-drop with small gauge needles (30ga or below) – we recommend a closed-end side-port delivery tip or Vista-Probe™ style tip for safe, but effective irrigation.