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Bioactive materials are those that interact with the environment where they promote healing and protection of the tooth structure. Many other dental materials (including other composite resins) are inert (unreactive) and are unable to resist biological forces within the oral environment. With the introduction of the world’s first truly bioactive adhesive/resin system, we now have access to bioactive materials that create predictable adhesion, can be placed under durable and aesthetic composites (or indirect materials), and can help the tooth heal and resist recurrent decay. This extends the longevity of both our direct and indirect restorations which maximizes patient oral healthcare. This advancement in adhesion dentistry is the result of incorporating Bioglass (45S5) into RE-GEN™ products. With the addition of Bioglass REGEN promotes formation of hydroxyapatite, and neutralizes acid erosion, thus increasing the lifespan of the restoration and adjacent tooth structure.


RE-GEN™ provides the ultimate level of patient care!  Bioglass 45S5 was developed over fifty years ago.  Today, RE-GEN™ utilizes this time-tested research and offers predictable adhesion and bioactivity. REGEN™ helps the tooth heal, helps the tooth fight new decay, and makes your restorations last longer which ultimately promotes overall tooth health.


The Bioglass (45S5) contained within RE-GEN™ is a bioactive glass that has been shown to promote the formation of apatite material and create an acid neutralizing interface when placed on a tooth. Without an acidic environment the bacteria are unable to adhere and proliferate, and the Bioglass will help neutralize any available acids. The additional exchange of calcium, phosphate and fluoride will help protect and repair the tooth-restorative material interface.


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