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Our Story

Here at Vista Apex, we help dental clinicians to increase successful patient outcomes, by providing technologically advanced dental products at accessible price points for everyone. We don’t just think of our service areas in terms of profitability, we see our relationships with each of you as a shared experience, which we are invested in wholly for the lifetime of your practice. We live by the slogan of “products by clinicians, for clinicians, to achieve better patient outcomes,” and we are inspired to continue to raise the bar for every product we develop. Our shared successes energize our team to be your trusted Endo Resto provider!

Featured Items

PinkWave™ QuadWave™
LED Curing Light

PinkWave™ is the next generation of curing lights, equipped with patented QuadWave™ Technology, offering decreased composite shrinkage and increased depth of cure. With the largest curing light area on the market, PinkWave™ ensures maximum coverage. QuadWave™ Technology leverages four wavelengths into one collimated pink beam: UV, Blue, Red, and Near-infrared.

PinkWave™ is the official curing light of
SmileFast USA!

Quick-Stat™ FREE
Clear Hemostatic Gel

Quick-Stat™ FREE is the first clear tissue management agent with shortened hemostasis time. Not only that, the proprietary surfactant in Quick-Stat™ FREE allows better penetration to more effectively stop sulcular fluid build up. This is the Astringent Hybrid Technology that makes
Quick-Stat™ FREE 20% faster than other clear hemostatic agents. For controlling tissue management, especially in the aesthetic zone, Quick-Stat™ FREE is the clear choice.

Seamfree Composite
Wetting Resin & Lubricant

Designed to make the handling of composite material easier and more consistent. Additionally, Seamfree Composite Wetting Resin is unfilled and does not build film thickness or add a visible layer between composite layers.

Seamfree is compatible with all methacrylate materials and can be used in all direct or indirect restorations.

Velvet Etch™

Velvet Etch™ is a purple 40% Phosphoric Acid Etch with optimized viscosity for precision placement. Velvet Etch™ is the ideal viscosity, providing accurate placement, control and consistency. It can be applied to vertical tooth surfaces and remain in place and is great for selective etch techniques.



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