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Surpass® Self-Etch Adhesive System
If You Care About Strong Bond Strengths, You Have To Try Surpass ®!

Surpass® is a universal adhesive system that when properly employed, can be used to seal enamel/dentin prior to restoring with light-cured or self-cured composite materials. Also, in situations of indirect restorations, the bonding system can be used to seal a preparation when using a light-cured, self-cured or dual-cured composite cement or glass ionomer or resin-modified glass ionomer cement. In addition, the system allows the dentist to bond a post and core, along with treating hypersensitive and/or exposed root surfaces.

Try It, You Won't Be Disappointed!

Independently, each Surpass® Bottle optimizes an attribute critical to clinical success:

Surpass Bottle 1

Bottle 1:

The conditioner etches enamel as well as phosphoric acid while eliminating post operative sensitivity.

Surpass Bottle 2

Bottle 2:

The primer completely wets and penetrates the tooth structure to maximize bond strengths and completely seal the surface.

Surpass Bottle 3

Bottle 3:
Resin Adhesive

The bonding resin links the primed surface to all self-cure, dual-cure or light-cure restorative materials.

When used as a system, Surpass® is the Gold Standard in dental adhesion!

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Combining proven self etching technologies with a new primer/ bonding resin approach, Surpass® offers the highest shear bond strengths while eliminating sensitivity in one simple technique.

  • Surpass® has only one technique for all procedures
  • There are no catalysts needed for any procedures
  • Surpass® offers the highest bond strengths ever achieved

The Surpass® Starter Kit comes with:

  • (1) 6mL bottle of Surpass® 1
  • (1) 6mL bottle of Surpass® 2
  • (1) 6mL bottle of Surpass® 3
  • (3) boxes of 25 color coded applicator sticks
  • (1) Well, instructions and SDS

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