Dentist2Dentist Podcast: “Exploring the Impact of Technology in Dentistry and the Pursuit of Simplified Success”- with Dr. Sameer Puri

Ever wondered about the transformational power of technology in dentistry? Join us as we sit down with world-renowned leader in CAD/CAM dentistry, Dr. Sameer Puri. We travel through time, tracing the evolution of CEREC technology and exploring its impact not only on Dr. Puri’s career but also on the dental industry at large. Reflecting on his role as a CEREC beta tester, we uncover valuable insights into this revolutionary tech.

We then shift gears, opening a candid conversation on the perils and pleasures of success. One of our guests takes us through his personal journey of wealth accumulation and the ensuing realization of the importance of living within one’s means. Drawing from his plans to downsize and simplify life, we delve into the art of finding happiness in simplicity, the balance between risk and caution, and the joy of redefining priorities.

Rounding off our episode is an intriguing chat with Dr. Mike Miyasaki, a dentist turned successful entrepreneur. Dr. Mike shares his experience incorporating the Syrac into his practice, recounting the immense benefits it brought. We also hear from Dr. Sam Puri, who shares the unique challenges and rewards of the dental profession. This episode is a treasure trove of personal experiences, professional insights, and honest reflections on dentistry, success, and the pursuit of happiness. Join us on this enlightening journey.

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