Unveiling “Dentist2Dentist”: Welcome to Dentist 2 Dentist Podcast for Dentists by Dentist and thier Clinical Team

Join Dr. Mike Miyasaki as he talks dentist to dentist about the trends, products, and clinical applications in dentistry today

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A Lost Revenue Source: Root Canal Therapies

A lost revenue source in many general practices is doing root canals.

Why don’t more GP’s enjoy root canals? Because some fail to heal. And why do they fail to heal?

Read Vista Apex’s Blog Post to Find out Why

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Steps To Ensure Your Zirconia Stays On The Tooth

Written by Dr. Mike Miyasaki, Chief Dental Officer This post was originally published on Group Dentistry Now. Few things in dentistry are more frustrating than seeing a patient added into your busy schedule with the note, ‘Recement crown.’ Personally, I take it to heart and feel like I have failed in some way. When we…

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RE-GEN™ Bioactive Dental Adhesive wins Silver and Bronze awards at 2021 International Business Awards

RE-GEN™ Dental Adhesive Awarded for Innovation

RE-GEN™ Bioactive Dental Adhesive Wins Two International Business Awards®

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Repairing White Lines In Posterior Resin Composites Using Interface and Surpass

BY: Dr. John Kanka III Understanding the white lines on teeth White lines frequently form on the enamel margins of resin composite restorations, especially in the posterior. Polymerization protocols such as “pulse activation” are designed to minimize white lines but despite one’s best efforts, they still may occur. In some cases the enamel itself has…

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