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New To The Stage - RE-GEN Bioactive EndoSealer

Our New Endodontic Sealer!

RE-GEN™ Bioactive Endo Sealer is a hydraulic, ready-to-use injectable bioactive paste that utilizes moisture naturally present in dentinal tubules to initiate a setting reaction. Endodontic sealers are used in the obturation of root canal systems to achieve a fluidtight seal throughout the canal including the apical foramen, canal irregularities, and minor discrepancies between the dentinal wall of the root canal and the core filling material.

  • Employs Bioglass to promote bio-regenerative healing while attracting and exchanging ions that promote remineralization of hydroxyapatite
  • Ready to use: Injectable, single-component, bioactive paste with smooth flow handling
  • Biocompatible and Osteogenic: Bioactive root repair material that is effective on non-vital cases
  • Anti-bacterial: Creates a high alkaline environment to prevent bacteria formation
  • Dimensionally stable: Low solubility with high wash out resistance
  • A faster set: Fast and efficient set time of under 1 hour
  • Highly Radiopaque
  • Cost Effective + Paired with material savings MST tip
Bioactive: Contains Bioglass
Less Shrinkage
Quicker Set Time
The Right Price

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Plus, now available with either MST Visco-Tip™ variation - Polymer or Stainless Steel!

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Introducing RE-GEN™ Bioactive EndoSealer