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Dental syringes are some of the most common pieces of equipment used by dental professionals in a wide range of dental procedures, from the most routine to the most complicated surgical procedures. At Vista Apex, we offer complete syringes, dental syringe tips (including bendable tips, dripless tips, brush tips, and more), and accessories like tip covers.

With many of these products, we offer the option to buy in bulk so your dental practice is always stocked with dental syringes and syringe tips. As with all our dental products, we aim to deliver the highest quality materials to make sure your practice is treating patients right.

Top Resto Tips

Stat-Flo™ Hemostatic Brush Tips

• Padded-end brush tip

Designed for: Hemostatic agents

Appli-Vac™ 3/4”
Bendable Applicator Tip

• Blunt end, dead-soft needle resists crimping

Designed for: Sealants, flowable composites,
etchants, resins, primers

All items 100/cup.

Pre-Bent Tips

• Blunt end pre-bent needle
• Opaque photo sensitive hub (22/25ga)

Designed for: Etchants, resins and flowable composite

All items 100/cup.

MST Universal Pre-Bent Tips

• Includes material saving technology

Designed for: Flowable composites,
pulp capping, etchants and sealants

Top Endo Tips

MST Visco-Tips™

• Bendable, flexible 25ga tip

Designed for: Viscous materials such as
bioceramic sealers and calcium hydroxide

MST Visco-Tips™ Polymer

MST Visco-Tips™ Stainless Steel

All items 50/cup.

Voyager Irrigating Tips

• Dual side ports for safety and efficacy
• Enhanced flexibility to navigate canals
• Silicone stopper for depth reference

Designed for: Endodontic irrigation

NiTi SuperFlex™ Irrigating Tips

• Slotted and side-vented, 30ga for safe irrigation
• 2.5x more flexible

Designed for: Endo irrigating solutions

All items 6/cup.

Vista-Probe™ 1″
Bendable Irrigating Tips

• Closed-end for side-port delivery
• Lateral delivery of irrigants reduces apical pressure

Designed for:
Endo Irrigating solutions (27 ga / 30 ga)
Perio Irrigation (23 ga)

Also available: