Meet Vista Apex – Alex Holat, Operations Manager.

Beer Aficionado, superhuman, twin, and operational expert are just a few of the ways our operations manager can be described. We just call him the best! Read on to learn more about this Vista Apex-er!

Tell us about yourself and how you got here?

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a degree in Operations and Technology Management and an Emphasis in Supply Chain Management. Since then, I’ve been in the dental industry, first working as a Materials Manager in the Madison area for a company that sold lights and loupes for dentists. Since joining Vista Apex in 2018, I have been working as the Operations Manager for the team.

What is your favorite part about what you do?

 I enjoy the flexibility and autonomy of my role. The management team has given me the freedom to implement any production and warehouse ideas that will lead to higher output and high quality. I’ve been able to lean on my past Kaizen experience to run events here that helped teach people in the company the principles of lean manufacturing and 5S and take deep dives to fix the business’s problem areas and make them strengths.

What makes you Vista Apex

I am always willing to try new things. Any hobby or fun sounding event, I am there and ready to learn and give it a try. For example, this month, my wife and I went to an event where they served us afternoon tea and many different pastries. I never knew afternoon tea was a thing or that I needed it in my life, but it was quite a delight!