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PinkWave™ was distinctly designed to enhance the efficacy of curing procedures. PinkWave™ is equipped with Vista Apex’s patented QuadWave™ Technology which leverages four different wavelengths to ensure peak performance.

Along with the standard blue light, PinkWave™ also employs red, near infrared (NIR) and UV light, which make up the only pink curing light on the market. This innovative approach to curing has never been achieved before and results in both doctor and patient benefits.

  • Built in Transilluminator
  • 3 curing modes — Boost, Standard and Ramp
  • 1515 mW/cm2 on Standard mode and 1720 mW/cm2 on Boost mode

Key Pinkwave™ Features

Depth of Cure


Pinkwave - Depth of Cure


Help Detect Interproximal Caries

Pinkwave - Transillumination



Pinkwave - Lightweight

Distance Forgiveness

Peaks 4-5mm Away From Restoration

Pinkwave - Distance Forgiveness

Collimated Beam

Focused Cure

Pinkwave - Collimated Beam

Safe To Use

Very Low Heat Emission

Pinkwave - Safe To Use
Uniform Beam Profile

Uniform Beam Profile

Durable, Aluminum Body

Durable, Aluminum Body

On/Off (Bottom)

On/Off (Bottom)



Large Curing Area

Large Curing Area

Boost Mode

Boost Mode

Ramp Mode

Ramp Mode

Standard Mode

Standard Mode

On/Off (Top)

On/Off (Top)

Battery Indicator

Battery Indicator

Ready To Think Pink?

How You Cure Matters

QuadWave Technology

PinkWave™ QuadWave™ Technology leverages four different wavelengths to ensure peak performance:

  • UV-Photo Initiators
  • CQ Initiator
  • Enhanced Polymerization
  • NIR - Enhanced Polymerization

QuadWave™ The Future

Decreased Shrinkage

Decreased shrinkage of the materials results in a better restoration with a decreased chance of failure.


Decreased marginal staining, lower chance of microleakage and secondary caries


Reduced patient post-operative sensitivity

Increased Polymerization

This increase comes from the NIR wavelength emitted and leads to an overall decrease in restoration failure.


Harder restoration and greater wear resistance


Less microleakage and water absorption

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Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

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Dr. Schmedding Review

Dr. Troy Schmedding reviews the innovation of PinkWave™ and how he is able to utilize this QuadWave™ Curing light in his practice.

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Find out why Dr. Josh Austin trusts the PinkWave™ QuadWave™ LED Curing Light for all his curing needs!

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Registered Dental Hygienist, dental educator, and industry influencer Irene Iancu (@toothlife.irene on Instagram) provides her thoughts about the PinkWave™ QuadWave™ LED Curing Light.


2020 Cellerant
Best In Class Technology Award


Bronze 2021
Stevie Winner
Innovation of the Year


Dr. Brett Gilbert
Seal of Approval

DPR Awards

Ready To Think Pink?

Choose From Four Outstanding Modes


Boost Mode

3 second cycle,
1720 mW/cm2
power output


Ramp Cure Mode

20 second cycle,
gradual increase
in intensity


Standard Cure Mode

20 second cycle,
1515 mW/cm2
power output



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What Our Customers Love About Pinkwave™

3 Year Warranty

PinkWave™ QuadWave™
LED Curing Light

Complete Kit Includes:
• (1) Cordless LED Curing Light
• (1) Induction Charging Base
• (5) Autoclavable Light Shields
• (1) Pack of 5 Anti-Roll Brackets
• (100) Disposable Barriers
• (3) Complementary Pairs of Safety Glasses


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